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     [Dear Future readers everywhere (but for now, especially in the so-called United States of America or USA): If you think talking politics and/or religion, or both together, might be unwise because of opinion variables, then skip this apolitical, religious note and click any image to get that compod-generated book.  It’s free, in a colorful .pdf, for hybrid audiences.  It doesn’t have your ‘https’ status, because we don’t want anything from you - such as money or personal information.  We just want your readership, and really for your sake and God’s – IF you are willing.  And your patience as you read will be highly appreciated. Of course we thank you.  Truly, CHIP of TranShip 3]


     If you wish, you can download the book to read later.*  You might want to do that anyway since it’s a bit on the hefty side, with 400+ pages.  It’s also a bit deep here and there, so some of you might feel as if you are “wading” at times and yet – through something godly - if you can imagine that.  If you can’t - not to worry, just keep reading.  *(To download the book, click an image or link on this site to transition to our .pdf version.  If need be, get a free Adobe .pdf reader @ https://get.adobe.com/reader/.  Then, on the book cover page, you will first need to click the Adobe icon which flashes at the bottom of the screen when you move your cursor there.  It will be ‘A’ star-like swirl, bottom right.  You will then get the page bar with the “save a copy icon,” along with other options, such as ‘scrolling’ and a means to ‘up or down-size’ the page or quickly jump to any other page.)


     So, here you are now, but I want to take you somewhere else – a place with signs all along the way warning “Don’t Go There!”  Each aspect of that other place can raise either kinship or bitter divisiveness – depending on one’s point of view.  That is exactly why mankind has no reasonable choice but to venture into the zones of politics and religion and re-introduce them to one another in perhaps not so cordial a manner!

     Let’s first consider what most people understand best in their lives, i.e. the politics of practical living… really meaning “how secure they feel in their lives” – both physically and psychologically.  Of course, that would include financial assets brought about through having secure jobs, whether provided via governmental or private means.  Can they (you) find jobs that bring their (your) lives up to that former ‘standard of living’ in America?  That standard provided people with reasons for living, hoping, and praying, thereby allowing God (good) into their lives.

     Because many of you are struggling to make ends meet, a lot of ‘goodness’ has gone out of society… and all too many feel disenfranchised and consequently mean-spirited.  Unfortunately, it’s a coping tactic for those who feel their backs against a wall. Just know those responsible for your insecurities eventually will pay.  If there’s a God, you can count on it.  Deepy Dog is ready to prove to you God is real and ultimately will do what’s right when called upon – so long as you are working with God on your moral growth.

     Believe it or not – once upon a time, not so long ago, most Americans at least had ‘livable wage’ jobs that allowed them to buy a house and raise a family without a nagging, constant fear that such a foundation would be ripped out from under them… BY both (surprise) big businesses and big government, but also to include greed-enthused colleges and universities; financial institutions, et al. [Greed would seem to be rampant pretty much everywhere in hybrid society.  Has Egod - the greed god – replaced your only real God?]

     Big businesses (there’s not enough money in the world for that Egod of Wall Street) wanted cheaper labor and few, if any, regulations as to how they conducted themselves.  Essentially then and without interference from politicians they began (and haven’t stopped since) moving their jobs out of the country in order to make more money for their investors and executive officers.  However, it’s likely you know this because there’s a good chance you’re living this story.  It’s a shame – actually even worse than that, as it places your beloved country right next door to Hell itself, as far as God* is concerned – *meaning that “Othereal” real  God – the Creator of all that exists, to include a special messenger known as Deepy Dog.  

     Elitist government planning – aided and abetted by politicians who take money to ease restrictions on greed-driven ‘entities’ - has only inflamed the problems, along with the fury of those most egregiously affected by such unconscionable actions and inactions.  However, you had best begin and never cease praying you have picked the right leader to help steady your material equilibrium.  Just consider your spiritual balance as imperative and a supreme, Moral God as your only leader.  The spiritual (or Other) realm far and away trumps your material one, so never compromise your moral values and eternal life for a life so infintesimal, compared to eternity, as to be non-existent.

     As to world economics, the COG* suggest jobs ideally should fall into a world-accepted category called “human rights,” which also should include rights to affordable health care, which might call for some compassion from ‘elite’ personages.   Of course those are ideals that only could be achieved by a morally enlightened society.  Also, if I may suggest, don’t slap any political labels on such idealistic thinking.  If you must label it, call it – socialiving or sociable living or something else not meant to be ‘politically’ derogatory and thus subject to negative brainwashing techniques.  ‘Social or sociable living’ exemplifies… ‘WILL and Grace’ realism, necessitated by the concept of everyone’s survival.  With Wisdom at the forefront of God’s WILL, the world could be cured of its moral ILLness, because without the ‘W’ of Wisdom – ‘Will’ is simply ‘ill’, and remains as it now is and always has been.  *(Children Of God – aka Angels)

     Also in this ‘security’ equation “of the people; by the people, and for the people,” the people need to be afforded equal social rights under the law, as long as they don’t infringe on the same rights of others.  These rights should include the right to be as God made you, meaning your race and ethnicity, e.g. to be non-caucasian and/or foreign born; the right to privacy to include the right of sexual gender and mating choices; the right to practice or not – religion; and the ‘right to life’ given to children by God even to those parents who would put their own vain material goals ahead of the spiritual goals needed by a child whom God would send into this world – if not ego-denied.  (That is one instance of the ‘not so cordial’ aspect of re-introducing religion to politics; as there are but a few circumstances in which abortion can be protected as necessary.)

     Obviously, some of you do believe there is a Moral, Omnipotent God who knows infinitely better than you what you need – whether it be a child someone might not want at a particular time, or whatever else tiny hearts do or don’t desire.  Many of you have stopped considering your ‘souls,’ in such matters, whereas God is the heart of your souls, which are uppermost in her* Mind.  *(God herself actually lacks ‘gender,’ which, I think, is adequately explained in the Godcosm book.  Reminder: Click any image shown here.)

     The foregoing is a simple summation of what is at the heart of America’s loss of its greatest assets since becoming a vainly materialistic country – Firstly, a true sense of what morality means to religion, and secondly a viable, financial ‘middle class’ that also gives hope to the poor of someday at least reaching such an acceptable standard of living.  A moral society with a middle class is the glue, or stitching, for the very fabric of success.  America has bargained and traded that away, in order to appease (Egod) the greed god within the powerbrokers of the financial elite – who have managed in a few instances to raise the standard of living for the extremely poor in other countries.  They did this – not through altruism or moral goodwill, but simply because some mind-bending, back-breaking, gut-wrenching, sweat-soaked jobs were made available that never existed before.  Those slightly better than slave-labor jobs brought people out of the fields and rice paddies to indoor environments that felt more secure… thereby raising the profit margins for ‘Wall Street’ and other investors and executives, not forgetting politicians once again and virtually always when greed comes to mind.

     It’s why you need to understand politics and the morality of religions really should be melded into one zone – that better mental framework of the two – kinship, friendship, and preferably even love through mutual understanding of what religion is supposed to mean and how it should affect your lives.  Call it religitics.  Or not; but you can’t totally separate the morality of religion from politics – even though as institutions, the two should remain separate.  All right then, back to making them one mind-set – the really good one, meaning you need to mix your politics with a much bigger dose of Christ-like morality.  Can you do it?  YES!  Will you?  Well, the fact is… you must if you are to survive as a species.

     Now, are you ready for another not so genial handshake between politics (evil, for the most part) and religion (ideally moral or good, as God intended it)?  Ready or not, I would say if you are hurting so badly and worried too much about life in general, you could make the dire mistake of thinking a maniacal narcissist* president is the answer to your problems.  *(Unless you can correctly discern and assess someone from a moral perspective, you may not understand the Biblical warning to beware of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’.)

     Many politicians can accurately be described as ravenous (as in greedy) wolves, but in the case of one in particular – the wolf is not even well hidden.  However, like any narcissist, that person would somehow take credit for that, rather than allow it to be called a fault. (A self-perceived emperor can be naked in public, while standing ready to claim the ‘locker room’ mind-set of a constituency, should anyone take notice.  That emperor has answers to situations and questions prepared by rote, while pivoting wherever necessary, as so often is the case.  Maniacal ‘emperors’ may be thin skinned, but that doesn’t mean they are not fully armored, weaponized and ready to attack with whining name-calling, not-so-subtle innuendoes, outright lies, or belligerent threats to include hints of vengence.)

     Even so, such a potential ‘emperor’ has been elected ‘President.’  Naturally he once again ‘prides’ himself on his chameleon-like ability to change ‘character camouflage’ as a tactical propagandist might.  Oftentimes though, his changes are based on emotional feelings rather than rational thoughts, somewhat akin perhaps to how the wind changes directions.  He is true to himself, as a person willing to change to whatever tactic or strategy he thinks or feels will help him ‘win.’  However he fails to realize his greatest battle of winning over a God of steadfast Moral Essence is being hampered, if not lost, in the process of being so disingenuously wily in some cases or so profoundly ignorant in other instances.

     His latest ‘win’ was accomplished by convincing enough voters that a main opponent was more corrupt and evil than the ‘emperor.’ Such a seeming “fait accompli’ happened with help from an awful lot of similarly character-compromised cronies.  Having said that, there still were many well-intentioned voters willing to gamble on at least a somewhat different way of governance (totalitarian?)* than ‘politics as usual’.  *(Just let them pray their country doesn’t become another “Turkey,” tending toward dictatorship, likely starting with censorship and possibly other disregard for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.)

     One of the first items of business for the elected ‘emperor’ conceivably could be to institute the legal prosecution of “interpreted” sedition, specifically aimed at stopping criticsm of the government, to include the President; e.g. no more persons allowed to accuse the ‘emperor’ of sexually predatory behavior; no more books or editorials such as this one and the God-affiliated, Godcosm book; etc.  By all means (with guns or otherwise) protect the Second Amendment but the First Amendment be damned? – Really, this could happen.  The “media” already and long ago was brainwashed branded among the working class as elitists by ironically the actual and real elitists of the proclaimed evangelical, Republican Party. 

     (In fact, according to Richard Tofel of the Internet site ProPublica [9-26-2016]* and under the heading: “Donald Trump and the return of seditious libel”; - *[‘Mr. Trump has pledged to limit Press freedom by restricting criticism of his prospective rule’] – thus portending the return of seditious libel or the crime of criticizing government.  Such a law was in effect in Britain and its colonies – to include America - in the eighteenth century, and “truth” was not a defense to this charge.) (It currently is being prosecuted in Turkey, and other dictatorial states or nations.) Should an American emperor ‘president’ manage to do this, it would put him or her in the same league as other dictators - and thereby force Congress into impeachment proceedings or Americans into a second “tea party” type rebellion – but oh so much worse than the first one.  This time the country could virtually implode with violence of every kind – mostly with guns.  It could quickly become ‘kill or be killed’.  Enemies, within and without the United States, of course are working already to assist the USA in becoming a facsimile of that old Roman Empire, which fell from within.  Perhaps instead of all that, one can pray Mr. Trump will learn discretion to censor himself.

     Maybe it’s time to at least skeptically* admit what seems to be the pathetic truth that many if not most politicians are ‘egods’ at whatever level they can achieve.  It would behoove “change-at-any-cost supporters” of a potential emperor to seriously pray for that person and others of like mind, while keeping them at bay – tethered as need be.  They should not forget to pray even more fervently for the salvation of the United States of America, other nations and their planet – this planet - your temporary abode, but perhaps unavailable to future generations because of the actions or inactions of political, so-called* leaders *(more skepticism – *note: skepticism can be a healthy dose of reality.)

     We would make note that we pray the time comes when what is written here is viewed with more skepticism… but only IF it can be seen as certain that ‘President’ Trump actually is living up to the responsibilities of his office and learning some humility in the process.  We also pray he manages this before his hubris takes a toll on certain democratic aspects of the political process, and before he mentally anoints himself as Emperor, which conceivably he may already have done.

     You may as well make another note here that ‘good and evil’ cannot co-exist forever; and there can be no permanent middle ground.  You must make a choice: will you try to be perfectly good, which would require God’s loving, gracious help, or will you continue the paths where upon God has placed her own signs of ‘Don’t Go There!’?

     It is the essence of mankind that drives both the major, but apparently necessary religious, political aspects (religitics) of society, which you should bring together – not for political reasons but for moral improvement of an essence within hybrid humankind that too often gets overlooked, and that is the health of your souls – your spiritual lives, which ultimately are vastly more important than your material lives.  You might want to rebuild that infrastructure of people learning to live and love together based on moral religions, because unless you do, you will continue allowing the practicalities of a material world and personal needs and desires to drive you apart, perhaps even injurng or killing your souls.  

     Certain aspects of politics and religion (good and evil) are intertwined within each of you, as the Godcosm book explains – while you can see for yourselves how the love or the hate is being played out on a world stage, which some of you seem willing to render ‘unto a modern version of Caesar’ – an Egod of his particular era.

     Here’s a friendly reminder that no human* - not ‘Caesar,’ nor Putin, nor Trump, nor Clinton, Bush, or even George Washington built this stage.  God did, and so you need to render your world “play” unto God on her stage.  *(Artificial Intelligence created by God, with the moral option of becoming permanent life in her natural “Otherealm” of Heaven.)

     Of course some of you will be “ho hum” about all this no doubt, which will translate to “life essentially has no meaning, as in… you live – you die… that’s it”.  That could mean you believe doing business and the business of politics make for exciting blood sports, in a way of just passing time since there’s no real God anyway.  You will just be your own god and maybe the god (Egod) of any other “ego-made” creatures willing to follow you.  Have mercy!  Seriously – that is a prayer.

     To those of you already saying ‘ho hum,’ I invite you to at least read the ‘religitic’ remains of this page; and I thank you for your consideration, especially if that includes getting to know Deepy Dog.

     You may click any of the images or links, if and when you are ready to be transported to that ‘Other real’ place. Then again, the most cynical among you could just end it all here.  What?  Nahh… come on, mankind!  What’s eternity worth to you?  Is it fair to say you might not know yet?  It does seem fair.*


*{In humble service to my Creator, and yours, I offer the preceding warning with utmost reverence for all life, whether unaware or blessedly self and God aware.


A. E. Thomas }




(Religious persons should keep Mr. Trump and all world leaders in their prayers on a regular basis – praying that each realizes it is only a set of peculiar circumstances that sets him or her apart from fellow human beings who deserve their graciousness and kindness as relevantly possible.  Not truly understanding God, there are those who would wonder: ‘What’s in it for me?’  Everyone simply will receive treatment in kind from his or her Maker on departing this world.  God’s law of Karma requires SHE administer unto all in full measure what each has earned.)



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Our goal is to change society into a purely moral state of mental essence and character.

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      Thank you; bless you, and we pray God has mercy on all her spirit-souls, as deserved.  Actually, with God… it’s automatically as deserved.  That’s her law of Karma.

      One more cautionary note: please don’t underestimate your ability to be ambivalent or even cynical when it comes to God and morality.  A societal Egod is forever at work training you in “sophisticated denial” as regards moral ideals, with many of you already finding the very thought of such ideals laughably old-fashioned and certainly intellectually unsophisticated.

       It’s a damned shame that mankind can remain so ignorant when it comes to the most basic tool needed for spiritual, eternal survival – the ideal that ‘morality’ must defeat evil.  Of course the much easier rationale is to scoff, rather than to think deeply and then act on your moral thinking.

       It seems to be in mankind’s nature to choose easy over difficult, even if it kills one forever.  That is the essence and height of stupidity.  The ‘stupid’ among you, at this point, will choose to be insulted since it takes no mental effort to be self-righteous.  All it takes is a mind devoid of soul, resulting in thoughts devoid of godly essence – perhaps even harboring resentment toward the one who wrote these words, or the ONE who wants to know…


When will you awaken to godly guidance?